If a smaller scan angle is desired, it may be possible to adjust the coarse gain setting to one position lower than recommended in Table 6. The various settings are shown in Table 4. This tuning method is more difficult than a speed-optimized tuning. The signals available on the test interface connector are not buffered or isolated and are not recommended for use other than with the recommended Test Interface Board. The easiest to generate and lowest Dual Slopeperformance command is a waveform that Structuredcommands an instantaneous retrace of the scannermotor.

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Turn the velocity gain and position-proportional gain 4 or 5 turns CW.

Increase the velocity gain CW a few turns. Any equipment returned to mniisax factory must be shipped in anti-static packaging. The duty cycle of the yellow LED is representative of the power being applied to the heater.

If this has not been completed, go to section 8. Using higher voltage supplies can significantly increase the heatsinking requirements of the driver and scanner motor.

Analog Optical Scanners that are tuned for vector and small-step applications may require a structured command acceleration limited to maintain stability over large steps. For better settling accuracy, slowly increase the integrator gain until the constant settling level goes to 0V as shown in Figure Upon receiving your components, you should note that it is packaged in an ESD-protected container with the appropriate ESD warning labels.


Ideally, the set point would be just above the maximum unregulated scannermotor temperature minisx during operation at the maximum expected ambient temperature. Repaired product is warranted 90 days after the repair is made, or one year after manufacture date – whichever is longer. For more details on the fault conditions monitored by this output, see the section 4.

MiniSAX II Driver User’s Manual

The scanner motor should begin Positionto follow the command signal. Verify that the driver and scanner motor were tuned as a matched set by comparing the scanner minisqx serial number to the number written on the driver tuning label. The large-signal response is slower when using the accuracy-optimized tuning method, although the response is more uniform with changes in commanded acceleration.

Increase the integrator and position-proportional gains alternately, while adjusting velocity to maintain a critically damped response. Increasing the integrator gain imnisax a faster response.

Typical vector applications include laser marking and rapid prototyping, where accurate tracking of complex waveforms is required. Also, minusax the gain after final tuning has been completed will change the response adjusting the offset will not change the response. Advanced servo filtering techniques together with a low-coupling design provide extended bandwidths and improved response times.

Minisax Bag 2

This is a process knowas structuring the command, or micro-vectoring. Note that all pots have ten turns for full range, and there is no indication when at the end of the range.

Iii Command WaveformsPerformance can often be improved by the use of a dual slope command waveform. The frequency of resonance is a function of the rotor and bearing structure of the motor, as well as the load dynamics.

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This allows quick acceleration of the scanner motor in response to large command transitions.

MiniSAX II Driver User’s Manual Pages 1 – 33 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Servo ParametersIntegrator Gain The integrator term provides high DC gain, allowing the servo to achieve zero error for a constant position command, and maintain a constant tracking offset for a constant velocity command. The scanner motor position transducer signals and the motor interface are connected through J4 on the baseboard, while the optional thermal control is connected through J3 on the thermal control module.

The signal connector pin functions are provided in Table 2: Increase Integrator Step 2: If the position signal cannot be seen, try increasing the error gain slightly.

A block diagram of the servo is shown in Figure 2.

Scanner motor may operate at scan angles larger than reported on data sheet. A fault condition is reported under the following circumstances: Applications requiring the highest accuracy are tuned using the velocity, position-proportional and integrator terms, leaving the error-proportional at minimum fully CCW.

Properly grounded power tools.